Thursday, June 24, 2010

Check out this amazing machine!

Just came across this on a blog I follow....wouldn't this be great to own!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

December & January

I thought I would finally try and get a little caught up on the blog. We've had so many neat events & things happen since December started, I thought I should try and get a little caught up on giving you a glimpse of our lives.

The first weekend in December kicked off the annual Christmas Tree program at our church. This year Billie was an angel that road in the sleigh. She absolutely LOVED this and the program!! She still begs to go to church and see the "animals."

We had a fun time one Saturday at a local Snow Day in Salerno. Our Florida "snow" consisted of several tons of ice chips trucked in the northern lands, but the kids loved it!!!! Billie had a fantastically good time gleefully throwing snowballs at me.
We decided to save up and instead of giving each other gifts and tons of little gifts for the girls we splurged and gave them a play kitchen set. Cliff & I have never been so excited for Christmas to arrive! The gift has been a huge hit!!
On Christmas day morning we winged our way across the many miles toward the frozen barren land for our annual pilgrimage up to the frigid and frosty land of Ohio. :)

We had a fantastic time! My entire family and extended family on my father's side of the family gathered for Christmas. It was one wild crazy fun party!
My parents took us out to all the local tourist shops. We had lots of fun playing at tourist, even though I grew up visiting these stores for necessities! :)

My crazy wonderful husband decided it would be fun to have my siblings bury him in the snow! He was pretty chilly when he came back in!!! :)

Billie wanted a "buggy ride" in the worst way! So my mother kept offering to ask some of her Amish friends in the area. Before she had a chance to do that we spotted this lady driving her pony cart down the rode, my Mom pulled up next to her and I bravely asked if we crazy tourists could have our daughter go for a ride with her. Seemingly thrilled to death she agreed. Billie was in 9th heaven for the rest of the day! Thank you mystery lady!
When we, Jp & Jolie got back home from our annual pilgrimages to Ohio we had our Churchill Christmas "day." It was tons of fun and as you can see the girls loved the gifts, even the ones that were not theirs! It was hard convincing Lily that Uncle Jp's push lawn mower was NOT for her riding pleasure! :)

The girls were having so much fun happily emptying my flatware drawer, but when I spotted them on their little stepstool standing side-by-side on their tippy toes, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures despite the mess on the floor! ;)
They looked so cute and cuddly in their pj's sitting there watching their ABC video I just had to snap a picture!

They sit in this little chair by "their" section of the bookshelves and "read" all the time, so this is an "everyday" picture into my day.
Poppa & Grammy came to visit one evening, well several evenings actually, but this one was caught on candid camera. You'll probably see many more pictures of Billie in her "Snow White" dress. She adores dressing up now! And she is very aware of the disney princesses!

Billie & Daddy go on regular daddy/daughter dates. Billie has even gotten quite particular about picking out her own outfit. I love seeing how much these two love and enjoy spending time with each other!!!
This month in Hobe Sound we had our very own "Greek Festival." They had lots of kiddie rides and the girls had so much fun! Of course we had so much fun watching them have fun!!!

This was Daddy's idea of a really cool hair do! It was pretty cute and she seemed to know she was the center of attention for the moment!
Today, January 30th, is my father's 48th Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Since we are seperated by so many miles we couldn't be together, but I thought of you alot Dad!

We also spent a good portion of this day down on Palm Beach Island. It has such a charming albeit wealthy european village feel to it! We had tons of fun and snapped some really cute pictures of the girls in the process!
This picture of Billie is my absolute favorite shot of the day! She's just such an absolutely sweet and loving child and turning into an adorable little girl so fast it makes our hearts hurt just a little bit!

I love these two pictures too! It looks so much like Lily's is slightly horrified that Billie is All the way up there!! :) And then she's off to join her!
This as a parting shot of our day on our way back to our car to head home. I'm so blessed to be married to such a wonderful husband and fantastically amazing father!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grandmpa's 100th Birthday

I know I'm VERY late in posting these pictures, but better late than never! :) Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lily Walks!


This post is especially for you! :)